High Temp Coated Release Fabric (50 inch) Sold by the running yard


High Temp Silicone Coated Release Fabric (50 inch). Sold by the running yard.


Width           50in, 127cm
Weight  8.8oz/sq yrd

********HUGE SALE******

Brand New 1st Quality
Material is always sold continuously (ex. 85 yards will always be in 1 continuous piece).
1st Quality, brand new!
Full rolls are 100yrds long

Bleeder Lease C peel ply is a high temperature fabric coated with a silicone release agent. It provides superior release to plain peel plies because the coating prevents the fabric from bonding to the laminate while producing a textured surface. It will provide easy release from most prepregs and resin systems. All coated peel plies have the potential to transfer. It has been used up to 800°F (427°C) cures and releases from most resin systems and is ideal for use on polyimide and thermoplastic high temperature lay-ups. Benefits • Release coating reduces the effort required to remove peel ply from laminate. • Peel plies strip off of cures laminates leaving a textured surface, reducing time spent hand finishing. • Fiberglass retains its strength through high temperature cures and post cures for easier removal after cure. • The maximum use temperature is dependent upon the duration at maximum temperature and is process specific, testing recommended prior to use. • This cannot be slit to narrow widths.


We have the world’s best packing!:

1) All fabric is rolled on a heavy 2″ or 3″ or 6″ cardboard core, then

2) The fabric is taped onto construction paper so it can’t move around during shipping, then

3) We use our proprietary technique to secure the construction paper so it can’t possibly telescope

      on the fabric during shipment, then

4) We wrap your fabric in bubble wrap, then

5) We add bubble wrap on the end of the core to cushion it during shipment, then

6) We ship your material in our custom-made proprietary double-strength box!

7)  We completely seal all flaps and reinforce the box with shipping tape

We treat your fabric like you are family…because you are!


Additional information

Weight 0.01 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 0.001 × 0.001 in