Payment Options

Option #1

We are happy to process your credit card over the phone. Please contact us! We accept the credit cards above.

Option #2

Our On-line Store offers secure payment over the Internet via:   PayPal is an Online direct payment method that allows people to pay directly via a bank account or Credit Card.  PayPal also allows payment via the credit cards above:


 Option #3

You may send on-line payments to us directly via Paypal. To do this log-on to Paypal and “send money” to:


 Option #4

You may also FAX us your order 1 815 642 9593 with:

    A) your credit card #, exp date, 3digit ID code (on back of card for MC, VISA, Discover; 4 digit code on front of AX),

    B) credit card billing address, and

    C) your shipping address, name, & if the address is a residence or business


 Option #5

We gladly accept personal checks, money orders, bank checks, or

Certified Checks.  Please make them payable to:

Soller Composites

and mail them to:

Soller Composites, LLC

55 Industrial Park Dr Units 2&3

Franklin, NH 03235

1 603 671 7016

FAX 1 815 642 9593


Please understand that bounced checks are subject to a $35.00 recovery fee.

 Option #6

We are happy to receive wire transfers. Please contact us for specific bank info.

No Charge for orders over $2000.00. Under $2000.00, there is a $20 wire transfer fee

Customers are responsible for their bank fees (that is, please do not subtract “your” bank fees from the wired amount)


 Option #7 We do accept POs from USA government agencies and our customers who already have a history of PO transactions with us.  We no longer accept POs from individuals, sorry.


 Option #8

We accept payments sent via Western Union.  Please email or FAX us  the following info:

               1) -The Western Union “Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)”

               2) Your First & Last Name

               3) Your complete Shipping Address

               4) An email address where we can send you your shipping & tracking info

               5) Please email or Fax us your order

Bounced checks and non payment/delayed Net payments:

There is a $50.00 fee for each bounced check.

Net Terms: Customers have 15 days beyond their Net terms (Ex Net30 customer’s have Net45 to make full payment). After this extra 15 days, payment may (at Soller Composites, LLC’s discretion) be submitted for collection. Customers are responsible for their original agreed payment amount(s), all collection fee, an initial $100 non-payment fee, a 5% interest per month starting on Net31, any and all attorney fees, all courts fees, + any other (Soller Composites, LLC) out of pocket expenses. Submission of POs and/or purchase from Soller Composites, LLC constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions without exception and under all circumstances.