Our Shipping Policy

We only charge our customers our actual shipping costs.



How we Ship:

We usually ship USPS (United State Postal Service) Priority Mail or UPS inside the continental USA. We may use other carriers upon request.


We don’t ship Parcel Post (inside the USA) or Surface Mail (outside the USA) unless requested by our customer. These delivery methods oftentimes take weeks to deliver.


For freight (large shipments on pallets) we currently have contracts with 8 freight carriers and typically ship the cheapest way unless otherwise requested.  Please note that we are a daily pickup for UPS & the USA Postal System.  If you choose another carrier, it may take an extra day for them to pick up your package.


 If you have an account with a carrier and want us to bill to your account, we are more than happy to do this for you!


We always email our customers the shipping carrier’s tracking info.  If you don’t get this info from us, we probably don’t have your correct email address – so please email us and we will be glad to forward it to your correct email account.


USA insured packages:

We generally ensure all shipments to the actual cost paid unless specifically requested otherwise by our customer. Please note that FedEx & UPS shipments are insured for up to $100.00 at no additional cost).


 If a shipment is split up into different boxes or uses different carriers, each box’s content will be fully insured, unless specified differently by the customer.


 All packages inside the USA are shipped with Delivery Confirmation. This is a free service we receive (via a contract) from the USPS (United State Postal Service) and standard service via UPS.  We always email each customer’s tracking and delivery confirmation info. as soon as we ship your package.


Signature Confirmation:  All shipment worth over $250.00 will require signature confirmation.  Note that this is a free service from UPS for business customers.


Credit card orders must be shipped to the credit card billing address or a verified residential address of the credit card holder (or business address if the card is a company card).


Online customers may select Signature Confirmation when checking out for orders less than $250.00 (other customers may request Signature Confirmation), otherwise, our standard policy will apply.



We ship to countries allowed by USA customs.  Please look below for a complete shipping list of countries to which we ship our fabrics to. Brokerage fees, customs fees, duty fees, import fees, import license fees, (etc.) are the sole responsibility of the buyer. These fees are typically due when you receive the package or according to your country’s laws.  International insurance may not be possible, and we always buy international insurance unless otherwise requested by our customer. We do not sell to anyone who intends to ship to a country, not on this list.


We are happy to arrange for international shipment on one of our carrier’s accounts or via our customer’s account. If our customers choose to use one of their carriers (ex. freight), we require an email from that carrier’s rep. stating that we will not be back-billed for the shipment.


Shipping to Canada:

Most of our Canadian customers prefer we ship USPS and not UPS or FedEx.  This is because the brokerage fees are MUCH higher than customs charges when sent through USPS. Note that epoxy can not be sent via USPS.  Orders $20.00 and under typically are not charged a customs fee (according to our understanding).  All actual fees are passed directly to our customers.


In the very unlikely case of a lost or damaged package, or package(s) delivered to the wrong address due to the fault/negligence of the carrier, this will be covered by the carrier’s insurance (if and as defined by that insurance and any conclusion of the carrier or it representatives during any investigation), unless no insurance is requested by our customer. Stolen packages after delivery are not the responsibility of the carrier or Soller Composites, LLC. Customers concerned about possible theft are strongly encouraged to request “Signature Confirmation”.


 Soller Composites, LLC does not insure packages itself, it merely purchases insurance for its customers if requested by its customer(s). In the very unlikely case of an insurance claim, Soller Composites, LLC will work with our customer & the carrier regarding that claim. Soller Composites, LLC does not refund the money or provide credit(s) simply because a claim is initiated. If Soller Composites, LLC receives money due to a claim, all such money will be forwarded to the customer without delay. Under no circumstances is Soller Composites, LLC responsible for lost or stolen packages after a delivery has been made. Under all circumstances, our customer takes ownership of all products once those product(s) leave our facility.


Soller Composites recommends all fabrics be shipped freight to avoid any damages to the

material/roll(s). We understand this is expensive and may not be practical in some (or many)

cases for single roll orders (or less). Note that it is rare to have damage/distortion to small

rolls of fabric, but it can and does happen on occasion. Composite fabrics are delicate by

nature (especially 6.5oz/sq yard or less material) and can be damaged if dropped on the box end

during shipping (even the best packing can’t eliminate this problem). Nevertheless, Soller

Composites can not be held responsible for damages due to carriers turning rolls of fabric on

edge or dropping boxes on end if freight shipping is not requested, very sorry.


Soller Composites is not responsible for delivery, non-delivery, or damage to any package(s) if/when customers request the carrier deliver to alternate addresses and locations. Soller Composites only charges actual shipping charges, therefore customers are responsible for any/all alternate address delivery fees.


Soller Composites no longer files claims against USPS for overnight packages not delivered on time, due to excessive poor service from the USPS.


Exporting Composite Fabrics:


The Exporting of Composite fabrics outside the USA is restricted by the USA federal government. Soller Composites, LLC does not authorize our customers to resale or export any of its products without express written permission. Exporting our product outside the USA may be prohibited by USA export regulation, depending on location and other factors. Please contact us for more info, if/as needed.


Please do not ask us to ship to a PO box or address that automatically forwards to a country, not in our list below.


We work hard to exceed our customer’s expectations.  If we can help you in any way, please let us know!


“Soller Composites, LLC” is authorized to ship carbon, fiberglass, basalt & Kevlar in any amount to virtually any country worldwide “except”: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, & Syria


If your country is “not” on this list it is very likely we are authorized to ship to you(some restrictions do apply, please contact us for more info).



Please understand that we can not ship to anyone who intends to ship our products to countries that are on this exclusion list. We do not authorize the resale of our products without our written permission, since we need to insure USA export regulations are followed. Thank you!


Internet Sales Tax:

We never charge sales taxes, see below:

These rules below apply to all USA State laws to the best of our understanding as of this writing 12/2018:

1) If you are a reseller you do not need to pay tax on items you buy from us to resell.

2) If you are making products from our materials you are exempt from paying taxes since our materials are considered “raw goods”.

3) If you are an end consumer (using our product for your own use) and your state does have a sales tax, we still do collect tax from you.  We do not sell enough material in any USA State to exceed any State merchandise Nexus.  But your state may have a law stating that you as a consumer should pay sales tax to the state (typically in your state income tax form).  But we do not notify States of sales we make.  Therefore any such payments are on your honor and between you and your State.

4) Some States may require large businesses to pay sales taxes directly for items they buy out-of-state.  This has nothing to do with us.

5) We are located in NH and NH never charges any sales tax under any circumstance.

If you have further questions, please let us know.



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