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No email? No problem! Email us from the web:

We always respond to emails within 1 business day.  In the very rare case that you don’t receive a response from us within 24 hours, please send us another email or call us.


Regarding free technical advice – Please note that we have extensive experience using our products and building composite structures. That being said, please understand that we are a heavily discounted distributor & retailer. Because our profit margins are low, we can’t afford to spend time providing composite structural engineering advice, explaining various techniques, or providing how-to instruction over the phone or via email. If you get stuck, have a specific question, or need help choosing the correct material we are more than happy to try to help you. We also have published various free technical papers for our customers at the bottom left of our main web page. We hope you find these helpful. Thank you!


1 (603) 671 7016

***We are happy to receive calls and provide advice worldwide!***


Returning calls:   

Inside the USA & Canada:

We are always happy to return calls within the USA and Canada!


Outside the USA Canada:

We generally prefer to respond to customers via email rather than make international calls. this help keep our cost lower and allows customers who do not speak English as their 1str language to use an on-line translator if as needed.


  Receiving calls:     We are happy to receive calls and emails world-wide.

  FAX:    1 (815) 642 9593 



Soller Composites, LLC

55 Industrial Park Dr (Units 2&3)

Franklin, NH 03235 USA


Business Hours:   

Office Hours : Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:30pm (EST); M-F 6pm – 9pm by chance (EST)

After Hours Orders & Inquiries: Monday-Friday 6:00pm-9:00pm (EST) (Please feel free to call with your orders after hours!)


Pick-up Hours: by appointment – please call ahead

EST -Eastern Standard Time (same as New York City)

Payment for pick-ups must occur prior to arrival unless paying with cash or a credit card. If picking up after normal business hours please call ahead and ask for Jon.


***Save on Shipping, pick it up yourself!***



We are located in central New Hampshire, 30 min north of the state capital (Concord) in the Franklin Industrial Park in West Franklin, NH.


Although we do have a waiting area in our location for customers, our facility is not well suited for tours &/or casual visits. We have no store on-site. Due to the proprietary nature of many of our products & processes, for the safety of our customers & for insurance reasons, we do not allow customers in our shop unattended.  We do sometimes allow customers accompanied into our shop if accompanied by senior staff  (and you have found one of our 5 golden tickets…Just kidding); please call ahead for an appointment.

Any person under the age of 18 (unless already in college) should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please no children under the age of 14 (unless already in High School).



From Concord, NH: (call before arriving)

1. Merge onto I-93 N 5.7 mi

2. Take exit 17 for US-4 toward US-3/NH-132/Penacook/Boscawen 0.3 mi

3. Turn right at US-4 W/Old Boyce Rd

Continue to follow US-4 W 3.8 mi

4. Slight right at US-3 N/Daniel Webster Hwy

Continue to follow US-3 N 7.5 mi

5. Turn left at Industrial Park Rd

6) We are in the 1st building you see directly in front of you and at the top of the hill.

Our building is directly in front of the (easily seen) cell phone tower. The entrance is the left most

door in the front of the building.

7. call 603 671 7016 with any questions




Calling ahead is always suggested…


Please call or email us, we would love to hear from you!